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Highlights: EPL - Chelsea 2-0 Liverpool 27/04/2014

0-1 Demba Ba 45+2'
0-2 Willian 90+4

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Sandmano3075d ago

wow, its all to win for man city now

KingPin3075d ago

looks like city could steal it from liverpool like they did from united. on goal difference.

Sandmano3075d ago (Edited 3075d ago )

like I said before and got disagrees for, if liverpool lose and they did and city win all the rest of their games they will win on goal difference.

They are currently 6 ahead on goal difference with two games in hand.

also dzeko just scored on palace.

But city nee to head to everton which wont be an easy task, liverpools bitter rivals could actually win it for them.

TheSaint3074d ago

Everton away would disagree with you, like I did.

Dark113075d ago

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA well done boys!!
Mou schooling City and Pool this season!

bring the bus salt LMAO.

goku323593075d ago

My big blue bus 2-0 Liverpool

But seriously, home and away wins against both city and Liverpool is amazing.

MajorLazer3075d ago

Brilliant result! Come on City (I do not support them, I just hate Liverpool more)

Sandmano3075d ago

loool, gotta love EPL rivalries!

Gamer19823072d ago

Exactly united fans should want City to win it so they keep up on those title wins.

mcstorm3074d ago

Lol Im a United fan and even though our rivals are Liverpool and City Ide like to see Liverpool win it jut because of the football they have played this year. I still think Chelsea will be the ones who come out on top just because of Mourinho is playing his cards right at the moment.

As an out sider this season I have to say its turning out to be a great finish and I do think there are more slipup to come over the next few days.

MajorLazer3074d ago

I too am a United fan and 20 > 18 and I'd like it to remain 18 for a looooooooong time!

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The story is too old to be commented.