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Highlights: La Liga: Real Madrid 2-2 Valencia 04/05/2014

0-1 Mathieu 44'
1-1 Sergio Ramos 59'
1-2 Parejo 65'
2-2 Ronaldo 90'+2'

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Sandmano3066d ago

what an amazing goal by ronaldo, just wow!

On a side note valencia really pissed me off, wasting time and such. Like it was a cup final, and their like 8th place.

jak3y13oy3066d ago

i think they want Atletico to win la liga!

'Ronaldo just wow' indeed!

Sandmano3066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

M8 I literally jumped up screaming, just too good. Well the draw means barca aren't viable to win if they beat atletico and real win all their remaining games real would win.

I guess you might be right lol their sick of Madrid and barca winning.

Gamer19823065d ago

The crazy thing is now after yesterdays results if Barca beat Athletico on the final day of the league Real can win it if they win there game by a single point.

xX_Altair_Xx3065d ago

Lets face it, Barca will probably let Atleti win or draw the match to stop Real winning it. Even Barca fans will be supporting Atleti in the Nou Camp!

mafiahajeri3065d ago

Lol I can see that happening.

Nes_Daze3065d ago

That would actually be a dumb move, because if Madrid loses that last game and Barca intentionally draw or lose that was an opportunity for Barca to actually win the league. Apart from this, I don't know which team would actually hand over a title to its rival...

asmith23063065d ago

That was a serious goal by Ronaldo.

RGB3065d ago

What a goal by Ronaldo!

Also, if Barca beat Atlético on the final day and Real win all their remaining games, the table would look like this.

1. Real Madrid - 92 pts
2. FC Barcelona - 91 pts
3. Atlético Madrid - 91 pts

Insane if it does happen. Probably won't though.

Furthermore; The top 3 didn't win this weekend, and people claim the league is easy for the top teams, just like the Premier League, anyone can win on their day.

KingPin3065d ago

the question is going in on the last day, would barca do real madrid a "favour" and beat atletico madrid. or do they throw it on purpose thinking if barca cant win it, better atletico than real madrid.

that goal by Ronaldo is just class. funny how even he didnt know it went in until he took a second look. lol

HxCGamer3065d ago

well Barcelona could still win the league... it might be unlikely but if Real doesn't win their last game and Barcelona beats Atletico then they win... I don't see why they would give up their chance to possibly win it just so Real Madrid doesn't win.

krazykombatant3065d ago

You know me for being a Real Madrid fan, but I think it would be soo much sweeter for Atletico to beat Barca and lift the trophy at camp nou >:D

RGB3065d ago

It would be good for La Liga, but Real could have a chance, a very slim chance at a treble!

Didn't see this coming, this year in all fairness. After Barca and Sevilla league defeats I thought the league was done and drawing Bayern seemed like a deathwish. Even the Copa wasn't a given against Barca.

Probably the most unlikely treble if Real does win the lot though, not even on top form too.

mafiahajeri3065d ago

Nice analysis on the games to come

Sandmano3065d ago

Hahaha that sounds great!

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