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Highlights: EPL - Crystal Palace 3-3 Liverpool 5/5/14

0-1 J. Allen 18'
0-2 Sturridge 53'
0-3 Suarez 55'
1-3 Delaney 78'
2-3 Gayle 81'
3-3 Gayle 88'

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Stringerbell1871d ago (Edited 1871d ago )

It may finally be over for Liverpool. Suarez walking off in tears- they threw the game away, totally gutted =/

badz1491870d ago

They were gunning for superior goal difference and it backfired. Getting a little greedy is never good when you usually have issue defending!

Stringerbell1870d ago

So true - all the credit to CP and their fans for not giving up. Fingers crossed Villa do something spectacular to City tomorrow- thought I wont hold my breath.

Computersaysno1871d ago

Lulz called it yesterday. Palace not to be underestimated at home.

It's over now, City only need a win and a draw

asmith23061871d ago

Title challenge over for Liverpool, I think so. They need to get to work defensively if they are going to try win the league in the next few seasons. They have only been saved by how much they have scored this year, their defense has been rocky. Bring back reina to compete with mignolet too.

Gamer19821870d ago

Its the way they been playing throwing everybody up the pitch to try and outgoal teams and it seemed to be working for most games. It lead to Suarez getting the golden boot (no way hes not now) and them getting a ton of goals. But its also had the side effect of them leaking a ton of goals.

asmith23061870d ago

Some of the defending has been rubbish as well. For one of the goals above Skertel stepped out of the back four and got lobed to a player he should have tracked. Goal for Palace. Just stupid defending.

Stringerbell1870d ago

In the grand scheme of things no one prior to the start of the season gave Liverpool a chance. The "goal" was to break into the top four. They've been there the entire season and then challenged for the title to the very end. I'm really proud of how they not only exceeded expectations but defied logic in their play. If anything fans need to remember the project that Rodgers is undertaking with Liverpool is ahead of schedule big time. He turned the team from a mid table side to a top club in England. Bravo to him and all those who were involved.

fOrlOnhOpe571870d ago

This time of the season is where experience, cool heads and the strongest winning mentality, takes the prize.

TheSaint1870d ago

Liverpool got greedy and tried to get more goals, they should've just seen the game out and kept the pressure on City, it's all over now.

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The story is too old to be commented.