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Highlights: Manchester United 3-1 Hull City (EPL - 06/05/2014)

1-0 Wilson 31'

2-0 Wilson 61'

2-1 Fryatt 63'

3-1 Van Persie 86'

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jak3y13oy3069d ago

A much better performance from us!

Wilson what a debut!

Same amount of goals as Torres in the BPL in just 60 mins!

KingPin3069d ago

great result. great debut. sad to see vidic leave. he was a rock in the united defence.

i hope giggs will still be at united next season as a coach. the owners should put a clause in the new managers contract that giggs should be number 2. if they not happy with that, we dont want them.

as for the players, i really hope they get rid of fellaini. just give him away for free. seriously he is the worst player ive seen in my life in a united shirt and this is coming from a person that seen Bebe play. Fellaini is slow, cant pass, cant score, has no vision at all. he is not a united quality player.

all in all, entertaining match to watch. hulls goal was a cracker though. de gea had no chance at all of saving that one.