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Highlights: Celta Vigo 2-0 Real Madrid (11/05/14)

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KingPin3064d ago

wtf!! i thought this result was bad then i seen all three top clubs got trolled lol

real madrid can kiss the league goodbye now for sure.

if this is to be considered a good season, they better hope for champions league glory.

neoragex3064d ago

Imagine spending 130m and finsihing below your rivals.

asmith23063064d ago

One of which has had a so called crisis.

RGB3063d ago

Not bad considering Real could have a cup double.

Champions League > La Liga any day!

asmith23063064d ago

They need to defend better than that if they want to win the Champions League. That was a woeful display at the back. Can't get Ronaldo back quick enough, and any idea why Di Maria and Bale didn't play yesterday? Sounds like they took Celta for granted.

KingPin3064d ago

no idea why bale and di maria didnt play. saving them for some reason i suppose.

madrid need Ronaldo more than they think. as for champions league, we gonna need the midfield to catch a wake up too. that is where Atletico wins the game.

seems to me like madrid have tired minds. lacking concentration. guess the intensity of the Champions league and league is taking its toll on the players.

Scrivlar3064d ago

I think when Madrid slipped up against Valladolid Ancelotti conceded the title never expecting Atletico and Barca to drop points again this weekend so he played a weakened side resting Ronaldo, Di Maria, Benzema, Bale,Varane and Carvajal for the champions league.

RGB3063d ago (Edited 3063d ago )

Madrid rested several key players and had injuries. Real have their eye on the obsession rather than the league.

Let Barca and Atletico fight it out for the league. Madrid best XI will be rested for the big one.

Carlo is smart enough to know Real was an outside shot for the league and has winning experience in Champions League finales.

What Scrivlar said! :)

Nes_Daze3064d ago

BTW, Celta Vigo's coach is Luis Enrique, the man in charge of Barca next season(most likely), I knew they'd give Madrid one hell of a match but I was not expecting this lol. I'm happy that Athletico couldn't close it at home and get the win, the league "final" is in Camp Nou, although Barca is struggling a lot, it would be such a crazy sight to see them steal the title from Athletico after such a good season they've had.

asmith23063064d ago

Yeah, they could win it on head to head record. Best crisis ever!

badz1493064d ago

Athletico will park their bus like Chelsea for once maybe. all they need is a draw afterall. but we'll see.

I wouldn't know what kind of a man Diego Simeone is but I wonder if he'll put pride over title in the match against Barca. I wouldn't and would settle for a draw and win it.

Nes_Daze3063d ago

Simeone has parked the bus against Barca on multiple occasions, he'll do it again, no way he'll risk going head to head against Barca in their own stadium and lose la liga...

goku323593064d ago

Given all the doom n' gloom the media's been spouting about Barcelona, you'd expect them to be in a serious crisis and be having a horrible season. Looking at the table though, Barcelona is not only ahead of Real, but if they win the next game they win the league.

If Barcelona is really having such a "bad" season, as what the media has been saying, then why are they ahead of Real?

goku323593064d ago

This was supposed to be a reply to Nes_Daze. Oops.

KingPin3064d ago

the media are full of shit. plain and simple.

they expect barca to go an entire season unbeaten or something. seriously they've been hyping up real madrids season as if its the greatest season they had in 12 years just coz they made it into a champions league final yet thrash barca coz they got knocked out in semis and aren't top of the table. makes no sense.

Nes_Daze3063d ago (Edited 3063d ago )

Well Barca has had a lot to struggle with, crisis no way, but they've had multiple issues with the club's president, the neymar transfer issue, Messi being injured for a good portion of the league season, and a horrible defense.