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Hodgson: Of course England can win World Cup

After naming his 23-man squad for Brazil, the Three Lions' manager admitted that like every other coach he believes he has the players capable of winning the competition

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Muadiib3123d ago

What do you want him to say? "No we don't have a chance, we are going to fail, why are we even going?!"

Of course not, don't be so daft!

KingPin3123d ago

expect him to be realistic.

he should say "we have a chance, but it wont be an easy world cup. our main focus would be getting out of the group and after that take it game by game. of course we would love to win it, every team competing wants to."

asmith23063123d ago

The one thing England don't need is any media hype about winning anything. Every time a competition comes around the media boast the hell out of England, which I think impacts the mentality in the camp.

The players shouldn't be told you have a chance of winning it. They should be told to play until they drop and when they do drop, get up and keep playing again. See where they get after that.

TheSaint3123d ago

What else would he say, though I seriously doubt we will win it, too damn hot for us Europeans.

KingPin3123d ago

i don't think the weather is to blame. England has been a sub-par team since 2002. in fact i would say 2002 was the last realistic chance England could've have won the world cup if they weren't robbed during the Argentina match.

listenkids3123d ago

Anyone can win the World Cup if they show up on the day. This England squad is young, talented and full of potential with an array of in form stars, they have a good chance if they pull it together, but it'll be very tough.

sourav933123d ago

Of course I can sleep with Scarlett Johansson... :P

barb_wire3123d ago

Of course they can..

England has the talent, lots of talent actually..

Unfortunately English football is club dominated, so even if you get picked to play for England - the players take their club loyalties with them..

Seen it many times where players won't pass the ball to another player cause they just happen to play for a rival in the league. That @hit needs to end.

Once England breaks the club loyalty BS then England will one day again win the World Cup.