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Highlights: Sevilla 0-0 Benfica (Pen 4-2) (UEFA Europa League - Final - 14/05/14)

No score bore draw.


Sevilla won on penaties 4-2!

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Nes_Daze3010d ago

Congrats to Sevilla, their goalkeeper shouldnt be allowed to take so many steps forward though...that and the so called curse on benfica, was a pretty interesting final despite no goals being scored in 120 minutes.

asmith23063010d ago

"their goalkeeper shouldnt be allowed to take so many steps forward though" - remember Dudek being miles off his line for every Milan penalty in the 2005 CL final? I don't think UEFA really care :)

imtiyaz63010d ago

It's been a great year for La Liga- Two European cup winners, a final day title-decider at Camp Nou and a Madrid derby at the CL final. The lesser teams have also improved significantly. It's great to see teams like Valencia finally getting results at both Camp Nou and Santiago Bernabeu after god knows how long.

RGB3009d ago

Couldn't have said it better.

4 semi-finalists out of 8 (Champions League and Europa League semis). 3 out of the 4 teams made the Finals

La Liga title-decider between top 2. And a Copa del Rey final to remember for years to come.

Top of the class, yet again. Only last year being a blip.