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Neymar's arrival was the beginning of Barcelona's downfall The Brazilian's on-pitch performances are not to blame for the trophyless season, but he is the representation of a club that desperately needs to rediscover itself.

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Spiewie 3007d ago

Can't really blame him if he was so bad he'd be on the bench.

RosweeSon3005d ago

He wasn't worth what they paid, they weren't broke they didn't need fixing, they do now.

ChiblackHwks3005d ago

He's not worth what they paid! That's f sure

jak3y13oy3005d ago

so whats wrong with Barca?

They came second with 87 pts? Narrowly missing out on La liga?

Someone fill me in!

asmith23063005d ago

Yeah it's quite funny isn't it. One goal away from winning the league is a downfall.

dark-kyon3005d ago

in spain only play three teams the others play to not go a second division.thank at what atletico and real madrid can get to the champion league finale.the barca can get another chance in the league.but they do not play how team anymore and they can not play for messi also,messi low performance is for what he need at the whole team to play for him.xavi is finished,messi do not want what another forward can do goal,he is putting down the team with his selfish attitude,the barca need a DT what can put a messi in the bench when is necessary.

mmj3005d ago

Their decline started before Neymar joined but I agree spending ridiculous amounts of money on marquee attacking players instead of fixing the less glamorous areas of their team is something they are guilty of.

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