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Suarez: Messi & Ronaldo are equal

The striker has highlighted the individual qualities of both players, while talking up Arjen Robben as Netherlands' best player

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Ninjamonkey823116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )

I don't like him much but have to agree with him here. Git actually shows a degree off intelligence i didn't know the scum bucket had -_-. Way off to be depressed again roll on the World cup Roll on Next Season things need a setting right ;).

pompombrum3116d ago

Currently Ronaldo is better.. this season, Messi seems to have lost his hunger and spends far too much time in key matches seemingly like a ghost who has little interest in being on the ball. Still, I think a motivated and hungry for the ball Messi is on a different level to Ronaldo and probably the best player of all time.

S2Killinit3116d ago

I think Messi's growth hormones are wearing off lol jk, but I agree with you. Ronaldo, although he is not himself 100% right now, seems like the better player between the two of them.

asmith23063116d ago

Yet that 'ghost' scored 41 goals in 46 appearances this year :)

Nes_Daze3116d ago

I think that statistically and when it comes to trophies won with the team both are starting to get REALLY equal, but I think if Messi can return to setting goal scoring records and Barca can start winning something again next season, Messi could end up as the superior player when people look back at history. We'll see what happens...

Modi19843116d ago

Over all Messi is the best .. But now Ronaldo for sure

Messi this season
apps 46
goals 41
assists 14

good numbers !!

Pogmathoin3115d ago

Jeez.... They have both achieved great success, both are fantastic, defining better is crazy.....

asmith23063116d ago

When both are at their best, it's Messi for me. He's just magical when he is on top form.

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