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Coach of the year: Has anyone transformed a club like Simeone at Atletico?

Diego Simeone is making history. In two and a half years with Atletico Madrid, the Argentine coach has led the Spanish side to the Europa League, the Uefa Super Cup, the Copa del Rey and La Liga, with the Champions League final to follow on Saturday. Whatever happens in Lisbon, his incredible impact is already historic.

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badz1493051d ago

Klopp deserve a mention here for what he did with Dortmund.

bluegoblin3051d ago

Completly agree. If anything Klopp did even better(not taking anything away from simeone) but dortmund was about to go bankrupt not too long ago and klopp lead them to mutliple league and cup titles an the champions league final.

asmith23063050d ago

Amazing job by Simeone. Hope he stays with them a while longer. I'm sure he will be picked up by a massive club eventually.

Thefreeman0123050d ago

But moyes broke so many records

Imalwaysright3050d ago

Yeah Mourinho when he was Porto's coach. In fact Mourinho was even more successful.