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Highlights: CL Final - Real Madrid 4-1 Atletico Madrid (AET) 24/05/2014

0-1 Godin (36')

1-1 Ramos (90')

2-1 Bale (110')

3-1 Marcelo (118')

4-1 Ronaldo (Pen) (120')

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Sandmano3112d ago

good job Madrid although I think atletico deserved it more

NewMonday3112d ago

Atletico had a great season, batter than Real.

asmith23063112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

Gutted for Atletico. They were so close and ultimately ran out of steam; Marcelo walked through for his goal. I think Simeone will learn from tonight that you need men on the posts when you are defending corners and also not to start players who have hamstring injuries. They could have done with that extra sub.

Congrats to Real though. Ramos is a class act, gives everything hes got when his team need it most. Delighted for Bale, he justified the price tag. Di Maria, so underated, man of the match for me. Ronaldo, did nothing the whole match, wins a peno against a worn out defense and then shows his muscles off in celebration. What a tosser.

Sandmano3112d ago

Lol, yeah Ronaldo didn't do anything. Anyway someone is a legend geting. Atletico to final winning the league. Hope he comes to inter.

KingPin3112d ago

calm down dude. your jealousy for ronaldo is showing. lol

Sandmano3112d ago

Ronaldo is not over rated hes had a great season, its just that he did not show up in this game.

Now bale hmmm yeah hes a over rated player.

asmith23063111d ago

Jealousy? I think he's a tosser, how does that show jealously? The fact you need to bring up Messi in your other comment to justify Ronaldo not showing up is laughable. Messi who is having his worst season ever by everyone's expectation too. You're the fanboy here kingpin not me, so it's obvious what you are going to say. I don't support Real or Barca.

Ninjamonkey823111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

@Sandmano Ronaldo never turns up at finals he always bottles it he will do the work on the way up but come the big game Ronaldo will disappear.

Its been proven time and time again. Did it at United still doing it at Mardid. Lad has got a Kryptonite and its the important games. did it at the last euros for Portugal came to there last game he bottled his pen handed it off on the rest off the team. Ever other champions league final hes been in he has been a ghost.

Lucky for Madrid they have Bale a lot off Atletico's attention off was Ronaldo last night and how to contain him. Little need tbh :). But that give bale that little bit more room to move best 80 million Madrid has spend in years. Over all though well done Madrid good to see them finally lift it again.

But as far Ronaldo rate those that win the game tbh Ramos and Bale. Di maria was a beast as well.

badz1493111d ago

what are you guys saying? Ronaldo is pretty much locked by the defence just like how Messi was locked against Athletico too. Simeone knows how reliant Real and Barca are to Ronaldo and Messi and by locking down those 2, they successfully turned down the threat a notch and they almost succeeded if not for Ramos.

Bale missed all his chances it's not even funny. and for those saying that Athletico is more deserving of this than Real, you guys are delusional. Real is clearly the better side.

asmith23063111d ago

It's not hard to be the better side when the cost of Reals side is ten times that of Atleticos. QPR have a bigger wage budget than Atletico so what does that tell you.

badz1493111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

doesn't change the fact that Real was the better side in this match, right? money didn't help City to win the UCL. PSG? it's more tenacity than anything else and Real showed it and they deserved the win.

KingPin3111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

the reason i brought up messi in my other comment was to compliment atletico madrids resolute defending, from midfield to defence, that turns even the worlds greatest into ghosts. but you shout fanboy whenever you cant win an argument or get your point across in a fair manner. oh well lol

and if you dont support barca or madrid, why do you feel the need to tell said fans their players celebrate like tossers when their team wins. not all fans/players can go so long without celebrating like liverpool. im sure they try but they cant. :P

@jak3 down below
England winning the world cup 2014 lol i dont think thats going to happen with their current squad, unless teams like germany, brazil, argentina gets stomach bugs on the day. :P

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RGB3112d ago

Atlético should be super proud of their 1st 90 minutes!

However... La Décima! La Décima! La Décima! La Décima! La Décima! La Décima! La Décima! La Décima! La Décima! La Décima!

KingPin3112d ago

what a match.
atletico had a great match for the best part of 90 mins.

ramos goal was just perfect when they needed it most.
bale squandered a few chances but scored the important one.
marcelo made a huge difference going up as well.
ronaldo, ghosting up until the 120' but atletico had him covered much like they had messi blocked off in the final league match. he must be happy he got a goal though.

atleticos gamble didn't pay off and in the end i would think it costed them. costa came off after just 10 mins and they looked like they couldve used a sub later on.

thrilling match. best team won. goal score is a bit more flattering than it should be though.

well done to both teams

RGB3112d ago

Real's Man of the Match had to be di Maria. Worked his socks off the whole game. Bale was super wasteful through, glad he scored though. Marcelo and Isco were epic subs by King Carlo.

Nes_Daze3112d ago

Di Maria was the best man on that pitch imo, but Ramos did come through for his team. The extra five minutes seem a bit too much, but oh well, Real Madrid deserved their win. I have to say though, Ronaldo celebrating the way he did? What did he do the entire match? Props to Atletico though, hope the best for them next season.

Scrivlar3112d ago

*Sigh* You and asmith2306...Should he not be delighted to score in a Champions League final and increase his record breaking CL tally for the season in front of his countryman. I agree his goal was pretty redundant given the score and he had a shite game but how do you not celebrate scoring in the CL final and going down in the history of La Decima!

Nes_Daze3111d ago

I see what you're saying, it just looked dumb because Ramos, Bale, and Marcelo scored and didn't celebrate nearly as much as he did..but hey, CL final, record of 17 goals, you're right, who wouldn't go crazy and celebrate like that.

asmith23063111d ago

Ffs. No one is saying he shouldn't be delighted but the manner of his celebration was pathetic. Complete tosser.

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