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Maldives Striker Pulls Off New, Cutting Edge Version Of ‘Stuttering’ Penalty Run-Up

The Maldives beat Afghanistan 7-8 on penalties to win the third-place play-off game of this season’s AFC Challenge Cup on Wednesday night, with Maldives striker Ashad Ali Adubarey debuting a daring new take on the ‘stuttering’ penalty run-up to tuck his crucial spot-kick away to level the shoot-out score at 6-6.

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neoragex3046d ago

This made me laugh more than it shud have :D

bigfish3044d ago (Edited 3044d ago )

that fall looked so real!! that has to be one of the best penalties of all time, who is this guy??

3-4-53044d ago

A+ just for the commitment to make the fall real.

He took that fall like man. lol

rocketpanda3044d ago

Hardly cutting edge, just more humorous than anything else.

Yi-Long3044d ago

You're not allowed to come to a complete stop before taking your penalty, so I'm pretty sure it should have been disallowed.