Brazil to kick-off World Cup campaign against underdogs Croatia

The 2014 FIFA World Cup. Hosts Brazil will kick-off the tournament in the opening match against underdogs Croatia. The ‘favorites’ on paper, they’ll be looking to start strong to ensure their Cup campaign against an opposition that while they may not appear too threatening, should not be underestimated…

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saadd202176d ago

its one of the first world cup previews and deserves the front one approving?

barb_wire2176d ago

You know, this is the first World Cup since 2002 that I have very little interest in. Just not feeling it, you know, that excitement and buildup.

redknight802176d ago

Your excitement is less because of those damn vuvuzelas from last World Cup isn't it? ;)

barb_wire2176d ago

Bite your tongue - those damn things made for a horrific World Cup in South Africa.. there's a special place in Hell for the inventor of those!

MajorLazer2175d ago

I could not hear a damn thing due to those f'ing Vuvuzelas!

redknight802175d ago

Hahaha, I know right! Fricking worst things to have ever graced a WC tournament. GOAL! bbbzzzzz Offsides! bbbbzzzz Injury! bbbbzzzzzz Ten minutes before game start! bbbbzzzzz

saadd202176d ago

you guys think Brazil will win it at home?..they certainly have the star power.

redknight802175d ago

They have a fantastic chance to win and I am certain they are the favorites to do so, but I am still not convinced they can. They have a pretty easy group stage so I think more information will be needed until people can truly call them contenders. Croatia is a stubborn team and can frustrate the best of them..Mexico is a wild card and can either be total crap or total class and beat Brazil...Cameroon can frustrate them a bit with their pace and perhaps can tire out some of the Brazil stars ahead of the bigger matches. Either way, Brazil is at home and that will be a massive boost...semi-finals, at the least.

saadd202175d ago

I think they will emulate the 2002 winning team..they have shades of that side and the same manager.