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Casillas: Blame me for Netherlands thrashing

GOAL - The Spain shot-stopper admits he was well below par as Louis van Gaal's side crushed the world champions 5-1 on Friday.

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-Mezzo-3090d ago

It's big of him to say this, but blaming 1 guy for the loss is stupid and i wont do that.

steven83r3089d ago

I will blame him for 3 of the goals. No keeper in their right mind would ever step out of the box and rush a player who can out juke you 30 feet from net. Netherlands were out for blood for last WC.

Ben Dover3089d ago

It wasn't just him. His entire team got owned, destroyed and humiliated for the rest of the world to see.



asmith23063089d ago

I thought the whole team just crumpled in the second half. He had a bad game but so did everyone else. He should just look at the replay of Torres miss if he wants to make himself feel better.