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World Cup 2014: How Australia can beat the Netherlands

If the Netherlands can put five past the world champions, what hope Australia? Granted, it will require something special for the Socceroos to extend their unbeaten run against the Dutch but – strange as it sounds – don’t rule it out.

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silvacrest2932d ago

if Australia can beat holland then i dont see why the usa and ghana cant beat germany and portugal

...although saying that, portugal looks like a real possibility

cell9892932d ago

Here the thing, the US barely beat poor Ghana. The African team dominated the whole game

mp12892932d ago

Heres the thing if you think ghana has a "poor" soccer team then you dont know much about this sport and nobody should take you seriously.

silvacrest2931d ago

i dont think he meant poor as in a rubbish team, i thought he felt sorry for them, i did, dominated something like 95% attacking play while the USA parked the bus

cell9892931d ago

when I said "poor" I was referring to the fact that they deserved the win and the US got extremely lucky with that win, cause Ghana wanted it more, play after play after play on top of the US team, and they still lost, poor Ghana indeed

cell9892932d ago

Hahaha!! I expect another murder in the making. I guess if RVP and Roben don't play they stand a chance

rowdyBOY2932d ago

no chance , maybe if netherlands get 3 red cards in the first 20 minutes , but whats the chances of that happening .

TheSaint2932d ago

Anyone can beat anyone, whether they will or not is a different matter.