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Highlights: Argentina 2-1 Bosnia & Herzegovina (WC 2014 - Group F)


1-0 Kolasinac (Own Goal) 3'

2-0 Messi 65'

2-1 Ibisevic 85'

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PaPa-Slam3152d ago

What a goal by Messi, though hats off to Bosnia giving it their all right until the end.

-Mezzo-3152d ago


That's all i have to say.

asmith23063152d ago (Edited 3152d ago )

No idea why Argentina's manager started with a 3-5-2. They never played that way in qualifying and it gave Bosnia the possession in the first half. The 4-4-2 worked as usual in the second half. Great game, haven't seen a bad game yet! Impressed with Bosnia. Unlucky own goal but not a lot they could do to stop Messi for his goal. A class run and finish as usual. I better get to bed so I can get out of work on time to watch Germany and Ronaldo tomorrow!

MajorLazer3152d ago

Subpar performance from Argentina. That OG was very unlucky but Bosnia did really well after that. Messi was quiet and below par for most of the match and one goal does not cover or hide that!

asmith23063152d ago

"one goal does not cover or hide that" - it kinda does. He started the move in midfield and six seconds later the ball was in the net and that won them the game. That's what you want from your best players and he delivered, no?

barb_wire3151d ago

Might believe you if for a moment I thought he was the best player.. he's hit and miss and for Argentina with the (super) exception of yesterday, he's a total miss.

He'll be subpar in the next game, you'll see

Nes_Daze3151d ago

@barb_wire, right, hot or miss, not the best player, would love to hear who you think the best player is...

asmith23063151d ago

@barb_wire Messi is hit and miss? Never heard
that before.

redknight803151d ago

Messi will be Messi, but I have to say that I was quite impressed with Bosnia! Such an early goal (and an Own goal at that) for a team playing in their first World Cup should have rattled them, but it really didn't. They had composure and kept at it, cheers for that! I'd reckon Bosnia can beat Iran and will perhaps be favoured vs. Nigeria too, would be cool to see them reach the Round of 16 on their first WC trip!

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