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Cesc: Arsenal had no interest

New Chelsea midfielder Cesc Fabregas has revealed he chose to move to Stamford Bridge after former club Arsenal informed him they had sufficient cover for his position.

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Stringerbell3149d ago

Seems like he wanted to go back to Arsenal...

goku323593149d ago

He did. I hate how some people are calling him a traitor for moving to Chelsea. He's not the one that betrayed arsenal, they betrayed him if anything. He wanted to leave Barca but Arsenal didn't want him, so he went with the second best choice, Chelsea.

no_more_heroes3148d ago

He ditched us when we needed him most because he wanted to go home, so we granted him his wish and move on. Things don't go the way he wanted and he expects to just waltz back in?

No. We've moved on.

I'll wish him luck on his PL trophy ambitions though. He seems to want it badly enough.