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Highlights: Germany 4-0 Portugal (WC 2014 - Group G)


1-0 T. Muller (Penalty) 12'

2-0 Hummels 32'

3-0 T. Müller 45'+1''

4-0 Thomas Müller

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PaPa-Slam3459d ago

Ronaldo was so damn

Jonnyquest3213458d ago

Actually felt sorry for him here, barring Coentrao the rest were abject. Nani, sigh he has all the natural ability but only one brain cell. If Muller carries on like this he could easily end up as top scorer of all time, he's 7 goals away atm and only 24 years old! I still think Germany were not that impressive during the opening exchanges but individual mistakes from Portugal like the giving a penalty away when the ball had been lost and obviously Pepe's stupid red made the score much bigger.
This World Cup has been really good, very few one sided matches and even in those matches Spain had chances and Portugal had the better of the opening. Long may it continue

KingPin3458d ago

what was pepe thinking....getting the red card was just selfish and idiotic. he let down the entire team in a match where they probably needed him the most.

as for ronaldo, he didnt do much but you cant fault him for that. the germans plan to stop him worked. nani played well in my opinion. as for the rest of the team, sub-par at best.

germany look like they could go on to win the world cup. lets hope they dont choke in the semis.....again. looks like muller could win the golden boot again this year if this keeps up.

on the bright side, portugal can still progress with wins against ghana and USA. one slip up and they gonna have to take the next flight out. Same goes for Spain, Uruguay and England.

asmith23063458d ago

If I was a Portugal player I would be fuming with Pepe! What was he doing, aside from the fact that if he got a touch to the face like that he have been stretchered off. Such a liability. Ronaldo did nothing either. Maybe he is not fully fit but I expected some urgency from him, this is potentially his last WC where he could make maximum impact.

ps. How did this post get approved when the highlight video is missing??

Rute3458d ago

There is a video but it doesn't show well in Firefox (there's only a grey bar). Try Internet Explorer.

I wonder where the highlights are for USA vs. Ghana. There were some brilliant goals made in that match.

asmith23063458d ago (Edited 3458d ago )

Internet Explorer lol!! Yeah, the Ghana USA match was really good. I like watching Ghana, they are always pretty exciting. If the highlights is what you want and they aren't in the pending articles up top then just head over to footyroom to see them. This small 11x2 community, we just come here to bitch at each other + watch highlights. Best of both worlds ;)

no_more_heroes3458d ago

Best way to sum up this match? It was Germany being Germany and Portugal being Portugal. Both sides reverting to type, really.

windblowsagain3458d ago

I thought portugal were a shambles in defence. They never bothered with germany's wide play.

Pepe was a complete idiot. But the play acting before that was world class.

Portugal started slowly and germany were already in their stride.

The USA/Ghana game was a good game. Ghana should have won it. They had chance after chance and could not score enough.

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