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Highlights: Brazil 0 - 0 Mexico 'WC 2014 - 17-6-14'



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-Mezzo-3147d ago

That guy was right, Brazil is quite an ordinary team without Neymar.

RGB3147d ago

Brazil looking average yet again, Marcelo should be embarrassed too!

Well done Mexico! Ochoa has been a class keeper for years and years! A steal for any team wanting him, he's out of contract right now!

krazykombatant3147d ago

Too focused doing each others hairs rather than winning football matches.

Fred shouldn't be in this squad utter SH!TE, that number 9 jersey has too much weight for him.

MajorLazer3147d ago

Fred was utter garbage! Does not deserve the #9

KingPin3147d ago

that mexican keeper was a beast!!!
like a brick wall. no doubt every single club will be following him from here on out.

brazil were mediocre at best. how did fred make the squad? seriously, im sure brazil has one striker better than him in their country they could've picked.