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Highlights: Spain 0-2 Chile (WC 2014 - Group B)

Match Highlights:

0-1 Vargas 20'

0-2 Aranguiz 43'

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MajorLazer3156d ago

The death of Tiki-Taka :D It all started with the 7-0 thrashing of Barca at the hands of Bayern and it went downhill for that bland, boring style of football since! This is a win not just for Chile and its fans, but for the sport itself

Steve0073156d ago

It has become so hard to call a winner in these matches. All the teams are giving their all.

PaPa-Slam3156d ago

People who bet would be have a really hard times these days.

asmith23063156d ago

The best thing about this was £80m worth of Chelsea strikers being done by two centre backs that play for Cardiff and Notts Forest!