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Beats by Dre leaves Sony gasping for air at FIFA World Cup

Beats Electronics has stolen the thunder from Japanese giant Sony, despite an official FIFA ban on all Beats-manufactured products.

One week before the FIFA World Cup kicked-off in Brazil, the California-based brand released a five-minute commercial titled ‘The Game Before the Game’, which showed some of the World’s best players including Neymar and Luis Suarez prepare for the World’s biggest sporting event

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saadd203155d ago

Sony should have given them all PS Vitas or PS4s! PS3s arent a bad idea too...btw I love Sony...they have been pioneers in the audio and video industry for decades..Beats is new...theyre not bad...but Sony's name and rep goes a long long way!

KONAAs3155d ago

dre beats are a joke to music, afull audio quality, a true audiphile knows this

MajorLazer3155d ago

You pay a premium for Beats just because of the brand name, whereas Sony headphones have true quality about them!

saadd203154d ago

Its a Sony..remember the ad...thats how good they always have been..just the name itself means so much..I never really used the Beats phones myself so I cant compare, but it seems too much of a forced brand promotion and product placement because of Dr.Dre's involvement.

Thefreeman0123154d ago

why professionals wear beats is beyond me unless they are paid to.