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Uruguay 2-1 England: Super Suarez at the double

Goal: A Wayne Rooney goal cancelled out the Liverpool star's first half effort but the striker popped up late in the game to nick the win for his side.

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Nes_Daze3082d ago

Exciting game, and Suarez was unforgiving, played such a great match for his team, very happy for him!

PaPa-Slam3082d ago

That first header from Ronney was just a bad luck. But like you said it was all Suarez and Uruguay.

MajorLazer3082d ago

Suarez was clinical with his finishing whereas we were not

LightDiego3081d ago

Best game and performance of a player in this World Cup, even better than Robben against Spain.
But both players are great.
England: don't believe the hype.

LightDiego3081d ago

Can't edit anymore, Ochoa had an awesome performance too.

MajorLazer3081d ago

I disagree about this performance being better than Robben's! Robben dismantled and embarrased the World and Euro champions whereas Suarez got a good pass from Cavani for the first goal and a very, very lucky flick from Gerrard for the second