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Ibrahimovic: Brazil will win World Cup against Italy in final

Goal - The Paris Saint-Germain striker wants the Selecao to win the tournament for his club team-mates but wouldn't mind France clinching the title instead.

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-Mezzo-3143d ago

Wrong, as i know 1 of the finalist would be Germany.

no_more_heroes3143d ago

I'm an Italy fan. Because Pirlo, that's why.

Hoping either them or Brazil win it, with Germany the alternative.

windblowsagain3142d ago

Sorry but no.

Italy are not good enough.

And will be beaten by Uruguay.

Speed-Racer3143d ago

Ibrahimovic is high as a kite. Italy's performance has not been on point so for the season, and they should call their team Team Pirlo because he's really the only major player delivering so far.

Jonnyquest3213142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

Imo Candreva has been better than Pirlo but yeah from the major Italian players only Pirlo

asmith23063142d ago

I can't make a call until I see Argentina play in an open game like the Germany-Ghana game.

pompombrum3142d ago

Honestly it's hard to call who will make it to the final however with the way Brazil played in their first two matches, both Holland or Chile will knock them out imho.

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The story is too old to be commented.