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USA vs. Portugal Betting Preview: World Cup Prediction

BR - The Americans are ahead of Portugal in the Group G standings but rank behind them in terms of oddsmaker respect as the teams prepare to clash Sunday.

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no_more_heroes3151d ago

The US could qualify before Germany if they beat Portugal tomorrow! Imagine that!

silvacrest3151d ago

im hoping for a portugal win or at least a draw at the very least, no disrespect to the US but what i want from a world cup is exciting, end to end gameplay, the US are either not interested or lack the players to do this

while on the other hand im sure germany, ghana and portugal are all capable of this

Nes_Daze3150d ago

I think only a fool would write off an inferior team at this point. The U.S. has the strength to stop Ronaldo and Portugal's attack. There's a lot of things to consider for both sides, Ronaldo's fitness, Altidore injured, Klinnsman has made great decisions with the U.S. so far, we'll see.