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Highlights: Germany 1 - 2 Ghana 'WC 2014 - 21-6-14'


1-0 Götze 51'

1-1 Ayew 54'

1-2 Gyan 63'

2-2 Miroslav Klose 71'

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asmith23063151d ago

Love watching Ghana, they never settle for a draw and give their all. Very entertaining to watch. Best game of the tournament so far for me. Draw is a fair result, don't think either team deserved to lose this one.

-Mezzo-3151d ago

Hats Off To Ghana TBH, as a Germany fan i never expected a Draw and watching Ghana strive for a Win was a pleasure.

MajorLazer3151d ago

Best match of the World Cup so far. Where other teams settle for a draw in the latter stages of a match, both teams really went for the win, Ghana especially

silvacrest3151d ago

such an even game

here's hoping ghana can get out of this group, the world cup would be less interesting without them