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Highlights: Australia 0 - 3 Spain ( Fifa World Cup 2014 - 23/6/14 )

Villa 36′

Torres 69′

Mata 82′

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Stringerbell2925d ago

The last time we will be seeing a lot of these guys at the WC: Villa, Alonso, Casillas - legends in their own right.

asmith23062925d ago

Del Bosque should have started with these guys. Think he got it all wrong in the first two games. Spain are still a top class team if you ask me.

windblowsagain2924d ago

Spain played with no urgency or tactics in the first two games. They were the poorest I've ever seen them.

I think Holland played well, but against a poor side.

That's what's hard about the worldcup, if you get it wrong early, your out.

I've seen them all play now.

Germans can be beaten with Speed.
Brazil, Shut neymar down. They will struggle.
Holland Need Robben or they will find it hard.

France are the dark horse.

After the awful world cup they had last time, they are out to make amends.

Nes_Daze2924d ago

Only a fool would underestimate Spain after they basically conquered everything in football. They have a great squad, great upcoming talent, they'll be back, La Masia and others will produce new talent.

LightDiego2924d ago

Useless victory. Ridiculous performance of Spain on this World Cup.