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‘In England the individual rules, and that’s why they never win anything’


Discussions in England are always the same. This time they had one of their best teams in the past four or five tournaments. You cannot keep saying ‘We need to better educate our young players.’ England had some outstanding young players in Brazil.

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TheSaint3144d ago

Agreed, player's have too much power and too little respect.

barb_wire3143d ago

I said this on another story before the World Cup started.. the club culture rules in the English FA.. players called up to play for England, don't care and they take their club loyalties with them.. until that culture is broken, England will NEVER again win the World Cup, European Championship..

Also, it might actually help England, if the English FA reduced the number of games played in a season.. August to May and then you're expected to play in either a World Cup or European Championship.. talk about player fatigue.