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FIFA sets the record straight after one-too-many allegations

If the latest reports are to be believed, FIFA bosses have doubled their salaries to a staggering $200,000-a-year. According to English media reports, documents showcasing the massive pay increase were leaked shortly after the World football governing body was hit with allegations of corruption, after their selection of Qatar as hosts for the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

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MajorLazer3147d ago

FIFA is such a corrupt organisation and if Suarez does not receive a lengthy ban, it will only add to its list of dodgy actions..

LightDiego3147d ago

You are obsessed, let it go. Looks like the english press will explore for days the Suarez incident, to hide the fiasco of England in World Cup.

MajorLazer3147d ago

It is not being obsessive if I am not willing to forget after less than 24 hours what a repeat offender did. It's as if the world should just sweep it under the carpet and forget about it, when it is his third time biting a player. Luckily the world is not blind and ignorant like you, and instead want appropriate action taken!

MajorLazer3147d ago (Edited 3147d ago )

Also, why are you obsessed with England losing? We lost, end of. Not hiding anything, I openly state England played woefully and deserved to go out. Then again, I expect nothing less from a troll

LightDiego3146d ago

Suarez probably has issues, just like a lot of football players (Oliver Khan, Pepe, Bellamy) and people all around the world. It's funny to see you being the false moralist, clearly you hate Suarez because he destroyed the overrated "english team" and he plays on Liverpool, you are a Manchester United fan and can't accept the fact that your team will never win 5 Champions League. But let's pretend that you are the white knight,lol.
Suarez needs a psychiatrist. Some people made worse things and still are praised, remember when a guy dressed like a nazi soldier?

saadd203147d ago

yea I agree, he is really nuts..I never liked him even being a Liverpool fan.

LightDiego3147d ago

Looks like Qatar will not be the host for the World Cup. FIFA is a huge piece of shit, thieves.

saadd203147d ago

its not official..i think they are still looking into moving to winter as well.