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Highlights: Costa Rica 0 - 0 England 'WC 2014 - 24-6-14'



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Steve0073138d ago

England leave for home with a single win in the World Cup, For Shame.

MajorLazer3138d ago

England have overhyped players!

no_more_heroes3138d ago

As always, really. They just need to completely rip up their whole system and start again from the ground up. It will take a few generations, but its what's needed.

KingPin3137d ago

actually it only takes +-20 years.
germany had this exact same problem in the 90s.

its up to the clubs to bring in English players to increase the pool for a national team to be selected from. i think the English FA should really force clubs to have a certain ratio of 70% of all 25 man squads should be english players.

the football might suck in the short term but long term england will reap the rewards. but i guess foreign owners don't care how many imports they have as long as they are winning.

asmith23063137d ago

@Kingpin, I agree but the Premier League is as good as it is because of foreign players and foreign investment. You are going to have to pick one or the other, an exciting league or a better national team. Can't have both.

listenkids3137d ago

Really? As always? The team doesn't gel well together but that doesn't take anything away from individual players. England have had some world class players throughout the years, they just haven't worked in international systems, like many big stars.

LightDiego3138d ago

Costa Rica is way better, i'm surprised about the draw.

listenkids3137d ago

You clearly didn't watch the game.

LightDiego3137d ago

I was watching Uruguay and Italy. This game was not appealing at all.
I followed the entire group, and Costa Rica have a better team, that's why they finished first with seven points.

listenkids3137d ago

They've played better than Uruguay and Italy, yes. That's ultimately not the entire reason for them being top, but this isn't about that, your comment was relating to the game and your surprise at a draw. I, too, was surprised at a draw, because England would have had 4 goals if finishing wasn't dog shit and bad luck didn't fall on them again (see Uruguay red call card and Costa Rica penalty call). Costa Rica had nothing but top spot to play for, but they had no chance of getting a win.