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Highlights: Nigeria 2 - 3 Argentina 'WC 2014 - 25-6-14'


0-1 Messi (3')

1-1 Musa (4')

1-2 Messi (45')

2-2 Musa (47')

2-3 Rojo (50')

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Steve0073380d ago

Loved the free kick goal from Messi.

Nes_Daze3380d ago

Great goals from Messi! Rojo did well, but Aguero and Higuain need to start showing up more.

KingPin3380d ago

thats more like it from messi.
di maria was wasteful.
aguero and higuain need to shape up. no free rides here.

great to see the nigeria keeper so light hearted about being beaten by messi, being friendly with him on a few occasions. its nice to see that sort of stuff from time to time.

asmith23063379d ago

Thought Di Maria played great. All his shots were from long range and on target. Least he gave the keeper something to be wary of. Aguero out now for rest of tournament, luckily they have Lavezzi as backup. Don't think Aguero looks sharp anyway so not a big a loss as his reputation would suggest.

Imalwaysright3380d ago

Messi stepping up and showing why he is the best in the world.

MajorLazer3379d ago

The wizard that is Messi saves Argentina again! The others need to step up, it's as if they're passengers -.-

asmith23063379d ago

To be fair, they finally played well together up front. Got to hand it to Nigeria as well, their goals were very well taken.