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Highlights: United States 0 - 1 Germany 'Fifa World Cup 2014 - 26/6/14'


0-1 Mueller (55')

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Steve0073145d ago

So USA is out for sure and Portugal qualified.

-Mezzo-3145d ago

So what happens not, go got kicked and who didn't?

sjaakiejj3144d ago

Mezzo - Portugal and Ghana are out. USA and Germany are in.

Nes_Daze3144d ago

U.S. had a couple of chances towards the end to tie it, not that they needed it once Portugal scored their second. Next round U.S. needs to attack a bit more and hold on to more possession.

barb_wire3144d ago

Good game for the US, awful for the Germans.. that wasn't the same German team that played against Ghana and nowhere near the same team that played Portugal.

Germany better step it up or Algeria are going to shock them, the same goes for the US against Belgium, especially if they wish to continue in the WC.

Was not impressed by this game, was like watching England play. Dull.