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Highlights: Portugal 2 - 1 Ghana 'Fifa World Cup 2014 - 26/6/14'


1-0 Boye (31')

1-1 Gyan (57')

2-1 Ronaldo (80')

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asmith23063143d ago

Man, Portugal could have gotten through here. Ronaldo missed two sitters, aside from a host of other chances. That game against Germany was their downfall though, well done Pepe. And what about that cross from Asamoah, pure class!

-Mezzo-3143d ago

Ronaldo coming through second time for Portugal in this world cup.

asmith23063142d ago

Not really. Scored a gifted chance the keeper gave to him and he missed two clear chances. Disappointed with his performances this World Cup.

MajorLazer3143d ago

Glad to see C.Ronaldo finally scoring. Always great to see the top players score

-Mezzo-3142d ago

Agreed, sad to see so many big teams getting knocked out, the second round would have been more intense.

I'm not belittling the qualifying teams effort, they gave it their all and deserving-ly got a spot in the next round.

MajorLazer3142d ago

This World Cup is so unexpected, which makes it all the more great. Clearly expectations and reputation play a small part in this World Cup as teams that were not even given a second notice have truly defied expectations

LightDiego3142d ago

I was expecting a great campaign by Portugal.

silvacrest3142d ago

sadly ghana threw the game away with two mistakes and the nonsense that happened before the match even started was no help

portugal gave themselves to much to do, they were never going to put 4+ past ghana

Imalwaysright3142d ago

If Ronaldo was in his best days he would have scored 2 or 3 goals against Ghana.

silvacrest3142d ago

yeah, thats why i said portugal and not ronaldo

and dont forget ghana lost two of their best players before the match even started

Imalwaysright3142d ago

Ronaldo doesn't play alone and he didn't create those chances alone. He is part of a team. Portugal had the potential to score 4 against Ghana. It didn't happen but it wasn't impossible.

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