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Highlights: Colombia 2-0 Uruguay (WC 2014 - Round of 16- 28/06/2014

1-0 James Rodriguez 28'
2-0 James Rodriguez 50'

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Sandmano2720d ago

Colombia are really going to give Brazil a run for their money.

Nes_Daze2720d ago

James has turned into the man of the tournament, what a shot! Monaco should be able to keep him, question is whether he wants to stay or not. I think Chile and Colombia are just about matched, different strengths, but I see Brazil as the more dynamic team. Neymar can shut off and Hulk can pick up the pace, David Luiz and Thiago Silva are dangerous in corners. The Cuadrado and James partnership will be Brazil's biggest concern, if Brazil gets the win it will be an ugly one again.

Sandmano2720d ago

He wants to move to spain, barcelona or Madrid. I have a feeling he will choose Madrid.

MajorLazer2719d ago

From what I read on, it is being reported that he prefers Real Madrid over Barcelona

MajorLazer2719d ago

What a strike from James Rodriguez

TheSaint2719d ago

Was it me or did Uruguay lack some bite?