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Highlights: Netherlands 2 - 1 Mexico 'WC 2014 - 29-6-14'


0-1 Santos (48')

1-1 Sneijder (88')

2-1 Huntelaar (90') {Penalty}

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no_more_heroes3136d ago

Robben up to his shenanigans again. Soft pen at best.

asmith23063136d ago

Yeah, there was a little contact but he dived for it as usual. Gutted for Mexico. Theatrics sends them home.

Yi-Long3135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

Soft penalty indeed, but as mentioned, he deserved a clear penalty in the first half.

Holland showed great character coming back from behind, and the great Huntelaar once again proving he's fantastic. Created the first goal for Sneijder, then has the balls on him to take the penalty and convert it.

Such an underrated player, but he always delivers.

Kuyt was great as well, playing in 3 different positions, two of which he's not used to...

Mexico were great this tournament, and deserved better than to go out like this. And what a tremendous keeper they've got. I hope he'll get a chance at a great club.

Ben Dover3135d ago

Clearly you didn't watch the match as Robben deserved a penalty in the first half, being tackled TWICE!

Guess what that makes you... OWNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOL NOOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stringerbell3136d ago

His foot was still stepped on thats a foul anywhere anytime. On top of that he was clearly denied a penalty in the first half.

KONAAs3134d ago

we rather they had given roben the first half penaltie and give a chance to react rather than the shitty one at the end, besides mexico had a penaltie also when the mexico player was hit on the face by the defenders in the first half

KingPin3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

once again mexico robbed. seems to be the norm for them this world cup. feel bad for the players and the fans.

Nes_Daze3135d ago

Really don't see how Mexico got robbed out of this one, clear penalty kick in first half, second pk was a soft foul but a foul nonetheless. Mexico allowed the Dutch to take over, or they just couldn't handle the pressure being applied. Huntelaar was such a vital key in the comeback.

steven83r3135d ago

Mexico dropped the ball big time. They scored 1 goal and figured they can kickback and hold on to the ball for 60 min! They needed to continue the attacks. And once Holland scored it was over, they tasted blood and the Mexicans got nervous and started fouling like idiots. Most yellows in under 4 min i've ever seen. And yes crap penalty but makes up for the first one Robben was robbed on.

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