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USA Fan Has Tim Howard’s Face Shaved Into His Hair, Complete With Mighty Beard (Photo)

Since his Guillermo Ochoa hair art went viral a week or so ago, San Antonio-based barber Rob the Original has been inundated with a steady stream of World Cup-themed from his patrons.

Cristiano Ronaldo and the World Cup logo have been requested over the past couple of days but the subject of Rob’s latest custom follicular creation is Tim Howard – the face of whom (including his mighty beard) one USA fan had expertly shaved and dyed into the back of his bonce…

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MajorLazer2919d ago

Now that looks accurate! That Stevie G one was woeful..

Stringerbell2919d ago

The Stevie G one looked like some sort of a dog / Bigfoot monster lol

ProjectVulcan2917d ago

Bet it wasn't cheap. That's gotta be a $100 haircut right there.

Hroach6162918d ago

Yeah def very talented barber. Wow that's really good