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Highlights: Belgium 2-1 USA (AET) (FIFA WC - Round of 16 - 1/07/14)

1-0 Bruyne (93')

2-0 Lukaku (105')

2-1 Green (107')

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jak3y13oy3137d ago

Best game of the tournament so far!

Sandmano3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

Really? Couldn't watch it at work but got to see a couple of minutes here and there it seems America should have won with that final minute chance!

jak3y13oy3137d ago

they could of snatched it at the end there!

but Belgium were on top all game.. they had 38 shots in total!

LoneWolf0193136d ago

Must not have watched the same game I did. Both teams sucked with USA sucking more. Just because Howard saves 16 goals and USA decides to attack in extra time after doing NOTHING in the 90 minutes it had and then fucking up in the 91'st doesn't make it the best game lol.

Nes_Daze3137d ago

I have no idea why Klinnsman put in Wondo(misses possible winning goal), he's horrible. Then again, Altidore was injured, but any other choice would've been better. Green should've been on the pitch much earlier. Howard was incredible. Bradley, although he assisted Green's goal, was very mediocre throughout the tournament.

They should've held on to more possession but somehow they decided that sitting back to "defend" was more comfortable. If the U.S. would've played like they did in those last minutes you would've seen a much different match.

Imalwaysright3137d ago

Incredible game. This world cup is providing some of the best matches I've ever seen.

ZorinInc3137d ago

The close free kick and a few other USA chances chances were missing in that video. Everyone I knew in England was supporting the Americans. They did really well and should be proud.

nix3137d ago

what a match it was..

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