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World Cup 2014: What's wrong with Brazil?

Monday must surely have been a great day for Brazilian cardiologists.

After the scare of the previous Saturday's second-round tie against Chile, when Brazil scraped through on penalties, the entire country felt like having a check-up.

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Stringerbell3134d ago

One of the weakest temas in recent memory. Remember the days of O Fenomeno, Rivaldo, Ronaldinho, Roberto Carlos, Gilberto Silva, Lucio, Cafu etc etc. This team is basically Neymar and company.

Stringerbell3132d ago

Yeah and for whatever reason he is a fan favourite- I dont get it. The Brazilian Serie A is a formidable league on par with European ones (better than some) and him and Jo were the best Scolari could find? I dont buy it...