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Neymar ruled out of World Cup with broken vertebra

The Barcelona forward was carried off in pain in the latter stages of his side's win over Colombia and will miss the rest of the tournament.

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Stringerbell3140d ago

Massive massive loss for Brazil, without him I just dont think they have what it takes to make it through.

Rute3140d ago

They still have top players like David Luiz, Fernandinho and Oscar who are more than able to score. Germany is definitely a tough opponent, perhaps the toughest of the cup, but I'm rooting for Brazil and think they have what it takes to play for Brazil and play for Neymar and beat Germnay.

And let's not forget that Brazil hasn't lost a match on their home turf for 12 years (45 matches). That's quite a feat and can be considered indicative of an advantage that is not so small.

asmith23063140d ago

Great news for ze Germans though! Can't see Brazil getting by them now, Silva is also out for that match. C'mon Fred and Jo! They sound like a pair of washing machine installers.

MajorLazer3139d ago

Zuniga, you motherf**king pr**k!

asmith23063139d ago

Funny thing is that if Brazil hadn't of played dirty from the start and the ref hadn't of let them away with it, Colombia wouldn't have come out doing the same thing as the match went on. Karma is a bitch.

MajorLazer3138d ago

Yeah. Ref should have stamped his authority early on