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Highlights: Brazil 2 - 1 Colombia ( Fifa World Cup 2014 - 04/7/14 )

Thiago Silva 7′

David Luiz 68′

Rodríguez 80′ (pen)

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Stringerbell2912d ago

So do you guys think Brazil has what it takes to make it without Neymar now?

Rute2911d ago (Edited 2911d ago )

Yeah, they've got lots of top players who can score, and even one goal might be enough. Brazil has played very well as a team in special situations like corner kicks where even the defenders have scored.

Neymar has been suffering from previous injuries, as was indicated by his rather cautious play in the match against Colombia. Yet Brazil won that match.

krazykombatant2912d ago

Maybe, depends on the bench... Germans only nicked the result today.

Nes_Daze2912d ago (Edited 2912d ago )

The two goals today were scored by defenders. Not saying they can do all the work, but maybe Oscar or Hulk can do something, maybe a little bit of brilliance can earn them a win.

I wasn't surprised that some were celebrating Neymar's injury, when your team gets completely outdone bitterness takes over. If not Brazil, I hope Argentina can crash the possibility of a Dutch and German final, and take the win.

asmith23062911d ago

Brazil have outdone no one in this competition. They have played ugly all the way and have had help from officials in doing so. How many times did a Brazilian get away with a bookable offense last night?? Way too many.

Rute2911d ago (Edited 2911d ago )

Outdone no one? You gotta be joking... I bet you are just mad that you lost money in betting for the wrong teams.

On the whole, the referees have done quite a balanced, if faulty job. If we were to count all offenses FROM BOTH SIDES where a card should have been shown but was not, Brazil wouldn't have any advantage in that respect. Case in point was the incident where Zuniga kneed Neymar's lower back, causing the fracture of vertebrae. That's definitely deserving of yellow or red card but admittedly very hard to spot offense. And let's not forget the goal made by Hulk against Chile that was denied.

ProjectVulcan2911d ago (Edited 2911d ago )

Sorry but I have to agree with asmith2306 here, Brazil did a proper job against Colombia trying to stop them play and fouling Rodriguez out of the game, it was terrible how the ref let it slide so much.

This is one of the poorest Brazilian sides in long memory and the play has been bitty and ugly for some time.

I don't think they will get past the Germans. Germany have not been spectacular, but they were very solid against France. If they are just organised, then Brazil won't be able to play the games they have so far.

Losing Neymar will have a big psychological impact as well, as all the hopes were invested in him.

Baka-akaB2911d ago (Edited 2911d ago )

Still it made a huge difference in favor of Brazil . Look at the way Fernando alone kept accumulating huge fault on Rodriguez . Had he been properly sanctionned in the first half , maybe he'd be forced to ease the pressure leaving more leeway to Rodriguez , or maybe he'd be out soon enough with a second yellow .

Maybe some Colombian wouldnt have started playing so dirty too , had there been an actual referee .

In hindsight , i blame Neymar's injury on the referee poor's judgement and laxism . Had he been actually there , some player , including Zuniga might have behaved themselves .

Ans for Outdoing anyone ... yeah they didnt . It's the first match we truly saw a proper team , but it was sullied by fouls . Before that they got carried by the strength of Neymar , sheer luck and the referees .

Argentina pulled through with some awful matches only thanks to Di Maria and Messi , judging the team as a whole , but even they presented better spectacle than this Brazilian team

RGB2911d ago

My thoughts exactly asmith2306, all I could think about last night was; 'If Brazil can't win the World Cup, FIFA will have to win it for them'. Referees have carried them through games, sad really.

Hope Argentina win it myself.

Rute2911d ago (Edited 2911d ago )

Sure sure, the Brazil-Cameroon match that ended 4-1 was especially worrisome. Neymar made two goals but those were so ugly that the ref should have shown him a red card. Not to mention Fred's goal. Fred is such a funny name that he shouldn't be allowed to play. And don't get me started on Fernandinho, he shouldn't have been allowed on the field in the first place. With a purely fair and balanced mindset, we can deduce that the match should have ended 0-1 in Cameroon's favor.

ProjectVulcan2911d ago (Edited 2911d ago )

You do realise Rute that Cameroon were probably the worst side at the competition? Statistically they were as well, losing all games and conceding the most. Brazil won 4-1, but Croatia won 4-0.

The fact is the first game against Croatia, Brazil got all the decisions and were lucky. They never deserved that win and 3-1 flattered them hugely. Cameroon were terrible, and Mexico caused them a lot of problems- they didn't beat them.

They also didn't beat Chile in 120 minutes, needing penalties to go through and that could have easily gone the other way.

Now they scrape past Colombia by kicking Rodriguez off the pitch and having a lenient ref too afraid to dish deserved cards and control the game properly.

Frankly the Brazilians have been riding their luck all the way without really turning it on.

Nes_Daze2911d ago

So they didn't play better than Cameroon? Mexico did nothing against them, Chile was pretty much an even match. No offense to anyone but if you think the refs are purposely favoring Brazil you are a fool. It would've been extremely easy to give Hulk that goal against Chile, the handball was questionable.

As for playing dirty against Colombia, I saw about 2-3 instances in which Colmbian players flew to the ground on a soft tackle or no contact at all, which one or two of those plays gave Colombia a good free kick or two.

They did outdo Colombia, go ahead and give a player a yellow card, Colombia didn't start the game until it was too late, Brazil would've handled it either way. The hate against a five time world champion is hilarious.

RGB2911d ago

The Brazil teams that have won 5 World Cups in the past are far superior to this World Cup team. Plenty of pundits have said if this Brazil team win it, they'll be the worst of the lot, and I totally agree.

They have nothing special about them besides Neymar, who was outclassed by J.Rodríguez in this match + the tournament. Every other player has been below average and they've ridden their luck and gotten away with it. Not to mention referees have given them way more leeway than any other nation. The Croatian game was a shambles, yesterday just as much.

Brazil winning teams of the past had world class players in every position, Brazil don't even have a forward, Fred is a walking joke at times. Oscar has been nowhere, Willian the same. Brazil teams had several match winning names, this one's had Neymar and only Neymar.

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rowdyBOY2911d ago (Edited 2911d ago )

yeah , i thought the referee was missing completely .

what a dumb idea to let blatant fouls slide , some were even deserved of a red card .

how many times did they foul james rodriguez . i felt sorry for the best player of the tournament .

i never knew who rodriguez was before the world cup . he's got heaps of confidence.

i hope germany beat brazil , they are the worst brazilian side for me.

yeah right

Thefreeman0122911d ago

There are way too many blind brazil fans... They are not playing that great of football and are barely winning results and getting help from the ref.

As far as I am concerned brazil is WAYYYY overrated and they feel they are entitled to win the cup cause they are brazil

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