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Netherlands survive penalties drama

Goal - Tim Krul was an unlikely hero as the Netherlands secured a 4-3 shoot-out win over Costa Rica to book a FIFA World Cup semi-final place.

Over 120 goalless minutes in Salvador, Louis van Gaal's team struck the post or crossbar on three occasions and the Manchester United-bound manager unleashed an unexpected secret weapon from the bench during the dying seconds of extra time.

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-Mezzo-3129d ago

Man, the last 20 minutes were crazy. Both teams deserved to win tonight.

majiebeast3129d ago (Edited 3129d ago )

F*ck no did we watch the same match? CRC just parked the bus for 120 minutes like Greece and Chel(blegh)sea. Barely had any chances and was just obnoxious. There was only one team that deserved to win, Holland.

-Mezzo-3129d ago

I was at work the whole time, only caught the last 25 or so minutes of the game.

My judgement was based solely on those 25 Minutes.

ProjectVulcan3128d ago

Van Gaal subbed Krul on to make the vital saves....Talk about making big decisions.

The Dutch deserved it in the end I think. Costa Rica were admirably tough to beat. However the semi finals now look a bit tasty, Netherlands v Argentina is probably a bit more exciting than Costa Rica and you still get to see all the big talent on display.

steven83r3128d ago

I watched the game and to say CRC had no chances yet Holland a very tough team couldn't score, what does that say about Holland? Holland won by the skin of their teeth. IF not for that Goalie who is trained only on penalties they would of lost. CRC def deserve a nod being their first time ever making it that far and against teams that should walk all over them.

s45gr323128d ago

I was surprised to see CRC being defensive since the beginning of the world cup this team was very aggressive.

--Onilink--3128d ago

First of all... obnoxious?? how were they obnoxious??

Second.. let me remind you that before this game (which was against a really good team with quite frankly, more individual talent) they played 120 against greece. Not only that, but 60+ of those were with 10 men only.

They simply didnt had the energy to play such a high pressing game like they did against Uruguay and Italy. Trust me, i would have loved if they would have been able to press higher and attack more, but they chose to play to what they felt they could get them through.

Defensive play might not be as pretty, ill give you that, but its no easy thing to do, just because you put 5 men at the back will mean you will get a clean sheet. There is a reason why Costa Rica's defense is the best in the tournament, they have the least amount of goals, most blocks and clearances and almost 3 times as many offsides as the 2nd team. That is order and concentration, not everyone can pull that off

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Ben Dover3129d ago

LOL! Saying Costa Rica deserved the win. Is this your first football match you've ever watched?


Please don't make dumb clueless statements if you only watched 15% of the entire match. Thank you!

-Mezzo-3129d ago

Did that make you feel better about yourself.

Play2Win3129d ago

Calm down Ben Dover,

last 20 minutes were nice playing from costa. respect for thst team. serious respect.

steven83r3128d ago

Netherlands sure as hell didn't play a good game. They are a tough team and could barely handle Costa Rica for fucks sake. CRC should of won. If not for the last Goalie change which is Netherlands trained and used for penalties goalie they would of surely lost.

Bobbie0013128d ago


What game did you watch. CRC had 10 men behind the ball and played for penalties since the first half. It wasnt even counter football. They had ONE chance in the entire game and that was in minute 117. They did not deserve the win at all.

If you want to play for penalties, you play anti football.

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Nes_Daze3128d ago

As the coach would you really tell your team to go head to head with a team that thrives on counters and speed?? Costa Rica came close in the end but as soon as it went to penalties I knew it had gotten extremely hard for them to get a win. I knew Krul was going to come out, no way Van Gaal was going to take the risk with Cillessen. In all, I'm not impressed by Holland, they have gotten good wins but Australia, Mexico, and Costa Rica have shown they're not that big and bad. Germany could take them down.

Hearing that Di Maria is injured I think it just makes it much more difficult for Argentina to take the win. But, Argentina have been playing well, for a sucky defense look at the scores of their games, they make their mistakes but Romero has shown up, some defenders have as well.

sjaakiejj3128d ago

Reason the Netherlands appeared bad against Costa Rica was simply that they were defending with 10 players, as they intended to go for penalty shootouts from the start, recognizing they wouldn't be able to beat the Netherlands in a different way. It's almost impossible to get through a defensive line like that. I'm impressed they actually managed to create chances, though van Persie played too poorly to actually finish them off.

fOrlOnhOpe573128d ago

Putting Krul on for the penalties was a stroke of psychological genius by Van Gaal.
Introducing an element of suprise/doubt onto the likely stress of the Costa Rica penalty-takers was really finding an edge for his team.

s45gr323128d ago

I am sad Costa Rica lost but I am glad that the umpires made the right calls a first for this world cup......

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