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Without Neymar, is there no hope for Brazil?

Goal - Everyone has the right to mourn – but I’m impressed with the commentators talking on TV. They questioned the morale of the players, as if they were like some mourners. The absence of one player (who had veered from flop to star of the Selecao at a whim) means Brazil now need a contingency that will not have been covered by a Plan B.

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-Mezzo-2919d ago

With him gone, Brazil does look a lot weaker. But i still expect them to put up a good fight against Germany, although i pretty sure Germany will win.

MajorLazer2919d ago

Thiago Silva is also missing the clash with Germany, due to suspension

asmith23062918d ago

Can't see them beating Germany with Neymar and Silva out.

Sandmano2917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

I still remember inters CL win in the 09/10 season, inter were highly dependent on ibrahimovic in seasons prior, all play was focused on him. Sure we got eto'o when he went to barca and millito was in excellent form but it was a more team game.

I believe that we won the CL because the team became more dependent on team play which was a result of the departure of ibrahimovic, I think brazil will surprise many and play the best match of the tournament.

Anyway can't wait for tommorow and all I can say is I hope we get the dream final we all want, Argentina vs. Brazil with Argentina winning in the end !!!

Play2Win2917d ago

amazing milito goals. but forza juve!!!

s45gr322916d ago

In my opinion Brazil or Germany vs Holland. Argentina are too full of themselves.

listenkids2917d ago

With Neymar they would have the same chance against Germany as they do without (personally think other players are 'as' good). Silva will be the biggest blow but ultimately wouldn't make too much of a difference in my opinion, I think Germany are too well organized and strong.

Mr_Danski2917d ago

Don't worry, Brazil have Fred.