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‘My Dream Is Not Over, Just Interrupted’ – Neymar Addresses Brazil Fans (Video)

Like the global manufactured, packaged, anime, Youtube sensation football pop-star he has become, Neymar has addressed his legions of fans (the Neymarzetes) as well as the wider Brazilian populace through tear-stained eyes to thank them for their support following his World Cup-ending injury – assuring them all that his dream is not over, it’s just been temporarily interrupted.

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- Brazilian guys, players, coaching staff, fans... It's a really hard time, there's no words to explain what's crossing in my mind, in my heart... I just wanna say that I'll come back as soon as possible.. I wanna thank all the support you gave me, the messages, everything... And say that my dream is not over, it was stopped by a hit but it's still alive, and I'm sure my teammates are gonna do everything possible to make this dream come true, that is to be champion... My dream was also to play a World Cup final, but I can't this time, but I'm sure they're gonna win this one and they're gonna be champions, I'll be with them... and we brazilians are gonna be celebrating this. Thank you all, hugs.