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Player Ratings: Brazil 1-7 Germany picks the winners and losers of the Brazil / Germany match.

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Stringerbell3129d ago

Bernard was the standout player for the Brazil but thats not saying much. German? What can I say they were masterful...

Nes_Daze3129d ago

To fault a single player and think he is any less for what happened to Brazil today is foolish, and, pretty strange because I would figure most football fans didn't start watching football yesterday, correct? Name me your favorite defender/player and if he's ever been successful I'll tell you the time his team, and him, were dominated. The team did not function together at all, the entire defensive line was completely lost.

Stringerbell3129d ago

You should have seen my twitter feed. People are so quick to forget the accolades and skills a player has and love to really stick it to them when they fail.

MajorLazer3129d ago

None of the Brazilians deserve more than half a star!