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Brazil boot Cafu out of dressing room

Goal - The three-time World Cup finalist was asked to leave after he attempted to console his compatriots following their shock defeat against Germany.

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-Mezzo-2914d ago

That was extremely rude.

MajorLazer2913d ago

The pr**k that said that to Cafu should be forced to wear a stockade whilst being paraded around Rio, and people are allowed to throw fruits and vegetables at him!

Stringerbell2913d ago

Disrespectful- a real champ who was only trying to do a nice gesture.

windblowsagain2913d ago

Don't worry lads.

They've already etched in GERMANY.

Argentina won't be able to live with them.

4-1 to Germany final.

Get your money on.

Rute2913d ago (Edited 2913d ago )

After witnessing the Germany-Brazil game, I'm not saying anything is impossible. However, making 4 goals against Argentina would be extremely difficult. So far in this tournament, Argentina has only allowed 3 goals into their net during the actual game time and their defense has improved during the course of the tournament: nobody has managed to score against Argentina in the three tough games of the knockout stage.

My guess for the final is 1-1 for the actual game time and moving on to penalties, Germany's going to win.

dennett3162913d ago

I agree, Argentina are going to be a lot tougher than Brazil to break down, and I don't see them collapsing if they do concede, but I think Germany are too strong for them. 2-0 to Germany for me, I think the Germans will easily contain Messi, and Argentina won't be able to break through a German defence that is far superior to Holland's.

Rute2913d ago

I think the special situations like corner kicks and free kicks will turn out to be really important so long as they choose correct tactical approaches considering how good defense and goalkeeping is on both sides.

Btw. one of the weirdest free kicks I've ever seen was made in the Germany vs. Algeria match:

I laughed out loud when the commentator said that "that was codename crawling bear".

cell9892912d ago

If Germany scores first it's all over, these guys don't hold back their momentum really lights up and they just keep pushing, relentlessly

TheSaint2910d ago

Did they boot him in the backside then he fell holding his face?