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Argentina Reach Final On Penalties

After 120 goalless minutes, the Albiceleste won in a shootout to book their place in the final against Germany

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Stringerbell2660d ago

A complete 180 from yesterdays match but a thrilling ending nonetheless. Germany - Argentina final, here we go!

KingPin2660d ago

thrilling ending? the penalties was a means to an end. thank god for that. most boring, uninspiring world cup match of 2014 hands down.

no team took risks, they played it safe. messi and robben were pretty much ineffective for large parts if not almost all of the game.

neither side looked like world champions here tonight.

Stringerbell2660d ago

Okay- maybe I sound too enthusiastic- I'm just a sucker for a penalty shootout =p

sjaakiejj2658d ago

I think the match was a result of excellent defense on both sides, with both having done their homework on the star players of the other team.

When the teams are equally matched, there won't be many, if any, goals or chances.

Sandmano2660d ago

Was going to fall asleep...

MajorLazer2660d ago

What an awful and boring match zzz Germany to win the World Cup!

Stringerbell2659d ago

Without a doubt- Germany beat Argentina in every department minus the striker.