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Highlights: Netherlands 0 - 0 Argentina [Pen 2-4] ( Fifa World Cup 2014 - 09/7/14 )

Argentina win 4-2 on penalties

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Stringerbell3067d ago

I'm afraid Argentina have an uphill battle if they want to seriously content with Germany.

Yi-Long3067d ago

I hope Germany will destroy them. germany has been playing very good and attractive football since 2006 (Klinsmann), so they really deserve a title. Also, they've been impressive this tournament, especially of course this last match.

Anyway, tonight's match was pretty poor from both sides. Defense was good, but the Holland players didn't dare to take their shots at goal, instead constantly trying to feed Robben or Van Persie instead with a through ball or long ball.

Clasie and Wijnaldum and a couple of other players came in good shooting positions, but they just didn't go for it. Almost as if they were too scared to go for their own glory, for fear of being shouted at by team mates if they missed.

Van Persie was absolutely terrible once again. He fails every tournament. Piss-poor. Huntelaar should always have been our nr. 1 striker.

KingPin3067d ago

boring match.
neither team look like world champion material.
repeating the same tactics that dont work for 2 hours. really? clearly they werent thinking.
playing it safe.

i think its clear to say that this was by far the most boring match of world cup 2014.

LightDiego3067d ago

Are you kidding? What about Iran x Nigeria, for example. No way that was the most boring match...

asmith23063067d ago

France v Germany was worse.

KingPin3067d ago

FRA vs GER wasnt the most exciting match but that got done in 90 minutes and we had one highlight to show for it.
this match takes the cake coz we had to sit through 2 hours of the same repetitive tactics. it would be a different story if the score was 0-0 but we were all raving about how great the defence was, making great saves throughout the match, clearing off the line, that type of stuff but nope, cant even talk about that unless the robben chance in the 80-something minute did it for you.

RGB3067d ago

Pretty much called this, Argentina were superior throughout with only 1 chance for The Nederlands blocked by Mascherano, 10/10 performance by him in my opinion.

The Dutch have slowed down since beating Spain, barely got passed Costa Rica. So both teams that beat Spain didn't make it all the way + Brazil got Mullered too. :)

Messi for World Cup glory, would be fantastic to see. Germany have crumbled before, could easily happen again on Sunday.

MajorLazer3067d ago

Argentina were hardly 'superior', rather both teams were underwhelming and lacked the quality of a World Champion team. There is a reason why it went to penalties, and that's because neither team was 'superior'

RGB3067d ago

Argentina created more chances, had more shots and more importantly, more on target.
The Nederlands took 99 minutes to get a shot on target against Romero.
Robben had a 3rd of ball touches when compared with Messi.
The Dutch played a very defensive game, even though they had more ball control.

sjaakiejj3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

I would hesitate to call a team that plays as dirty as Argentina did "superior" in any way.

Neither team created many real chances.

asmith23063067d ago

Yeah, Aguero nearly took the keepers head off with that one!!

RGB3067d ago

Perez was wiped-out in the 2nd half running on goal, no card.
Messi chopped down several times, only Vlaar got near him with clear tackles. Jordy Clasie virtually pushed him every time instead of winning the ball.
Vlaar essentially tried a rugby tackle on Higuaín to stop him from keeping the ball in play near the far corner (Kuyt's wing).

Both teams had their moments, I'd still say the Dutch were more dirty.

Fair result however you slice it. Argentina wanted it more, whilst The Nederlands played with the ball more and yet created near half the chances.

sjaakiejj3067d ago

There's a difference between failed tackles and malicious intent.

Look at the gifs I posted - both show clear cases of Argentine players attacking the Dutch players, rather than the ball. The player attacking Sneijder had his eyes on Sneijder's leg, not the ball. Knocking the ball out of the goal keepers hands was also completely unnecessary. It's poor sportmanship, plain and simple.

TheSaint3067d ago

Such a disparity between the two semis, as an Englishman this is the worst possible final!

asmith23063067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

It was like they were playing mirrors of each other. None of their star players stood out either. Was a tense game but at times boring game, neither wanting to make a mistake. What about that tackle from Mascherano to block Robbens shot in the last minutes though? Unbelievable covering back.

Anyways, Argentina are the big underdogs going into the final. Wonder if Germany will play it tight on Messi like every other team has; he always has two players on top of him whenever he gets the ball. Would love to see him lift the WC, although it's going to be seriously tough to do that against the Germans.

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