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Barcelona & Liverpool confirm Luis Suarez transfer

Liverpool FC confirms that Luis Suarez will be leaving the club after a transfer agreement was reached with FC Barcelona. The player now has permission to complete the usual formalities, which will then conclude the transfer.

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asmith23063131d ago

£75m? Nice. Liverpool have zeroed off their summer spending with some to spare with this. They will probably get a few more in now.

NewMonday3130d ago

£75m for a 28 year old time bomb is fantastick

Yi-Long3130d ago

Sad to see him go, cause he was a highlight for the Premier League, a player always worth watching, and he turned Liverpool from a poor team, into one that could have even won the league last season.

His brilliance, creativity, team-work and work rate will absolutely be missed.

That said, 75 million ain't bad, and hopefully Liverpool can spend it wisely on some good quality players, like Pogba, like Depay, and a few other positions.

MajorLazer3131d ago

Ridiculous sum for a 28 year old!

ProjectVulcan3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

He's 27.

Good price for Liverpool, but they won't be able to replace him, his goals, movement or assists.

Their signings so far have been a few youngsters with some potential, a few players experienced in the Premier League at a mid table club and not Europe, but no proven top quality.

Sanchez would have been a good capture of a proven class player with a bunch of top level European experience but he quickly turned Liverpool down for Arsenal who finished lower. Maybe because he thinks they will struggle again without their best player.

Linwelin3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

Sanchez went to Arsenal because of its location, it has nothing to do with where he thinks Liverpool will end up, he and his family wanted to move to London.

ProjectVulcan3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

It obviously has something to do with more than just the location. It was footballing reasons as well, he already said himself he admires the manager and the style of play there.

If Liverpool were that an attractive footballing proposition he would have gone there, but he clearly didn't think so. Indeed players go to Manchester, claiming the only reason he didn't go to Liverpool was because of the location is a fairly poor defence of him turning them down flat.

NewMonday3130d ago

London is a big attraction but it's also an issue of money the price would take half the fee for Suarez.

from the transfers it looks like Rodgers wants to go back to his original 4-3-3 instead of the 4-3-1-2 he used to fit both Suarez and Sturridge, for that we need 2 world class wingers and Markovic is one of them.

SniperControl3130d ago


Sanchez went to Arsenal so he could play along side Ozil, Ramsey, Carzola and Wilshere, he admitted to it in an article the other day.
Sure London has it's draw, but he came to London ultimately for footballing reasons.

People seem to think Arsenal finished 20 points behind Liverpool or something, in reality, it was only 5 points difference between 4th and 2nd.

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windblowsagain3131d ago

Not really.

30+ goals. Not many players do those numbers in a season.

I don't like the guy, biting ppl is fuked up.

But at Barca, he will have quality around him constantly and be supplied all the time.

Barca will be champions next season 100%

Linwelin3131d ago

£75m where did they pick that out from, since the fee is undisclosed we won't know how much they paid for him. Though i would hope they got more for the best striker in the world, who was on a long contract, won a shit load of awards for Liverpool this season, and just missing out of a PL title.

KingPin3131d ago

neymar, messi and suarez in one team.
damn!! thats dangerous attacking power.

lets just hope suarez doesnt end up like ibra.

Kos-Mos3130d ago

Put too many whining scums like these together and you WILL SEE FAIL. Markk my words.

Crazywhitie3131d ago

Suarez is a scum player and should be ban altogether

TheSaint3130d ago

Everyone deserves a second, no third, no fourth chance.

silvacrest3130d ago

hes probably on his fifth or sixth considering what he did before coming to the premier league