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Messi misses chance to match Maradona

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The Barcelona forward was brilliant against the lesser lights in this World Cup, but failed to inspire his side to victory like Maradona did when it mattered most.

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asmith23063365d ago

Match Maradona? He's better. Hell, Ronaldo is better than Maradona as well.

KingPin3363d ago

oh who cares.
maradona, pele, messi, cristiano cups, no world cups, nobody is going to forget any them anytime soon, everyone will compare future players to them and us having watched messi and CR7, no future player will be equal regardless how old we get.

dark-kyon3363d ago

Lionel missing or me$$i for the friend,good with the ball in the feet but awful team player,one of the most selfish players in the world.

cemelc3362d ago (Edited 3362d ago )

In the final against germany, when the overtime was about to start the entire team of argentina was forming a circle for that last gut chant, messi got out of the circle as the circle formed. Didnt do the chant either.

Pretty bad if you ask me.

Nes_Daze3363d ago

I mean yeah Messi is just selfish as hell, pointing at his teammates almost every time he scores, or up at the sky(does he think he's a god?), while other players thank their thigh muscle or piss off the home crowd...unbelievable

But I think he'll be happy enough with the fact that he is compared to Maradona and Pele, and he is definitely on the same level as they were imo.

KingPin3362d ago (Edited 3362d ago )

are you referring to the same home crowd that chants a certain players name even though that certain player doesnt even play for their team....yeah, why wouldnt you wanna piss em off by scoring against the team they support.
but no need to turn this into a messi vs CR7 debate. :)

but speaking of selfish, only one player tops every other...Mario Balotelli. the examples would be endless.

pompombrum3362d ago

Was Messi carrying any injuries during the world cup? At times he came alive and you couldn't take your eyes off him, other times he just didn't seem interested in getting involved or putting any sort of effort in. On his day, he's the best of all time but this year at least, he just doesn't seem as motivated on the pitch.

asmith23063362d ago

He was out for a couple of months during last season with injury. You're right, he hasn't looked the same since. Still scored 40 odd goals last season though, just used to seeing 50+ from him I guess.