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Real Madrid 'most valuable sports team', says Forbes

Spanish football club Real Madrid has topped an annual Forbes list of the world's most valuable sports teams.

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Stringerbell2690d ago

Top 3 richest clubs: Real Madrid, Barcelona, and United.

asmith23062690d ago

It's been that way for years. Can see Utd dropping down that list if they dont hit the CL this year.

ProjectVulcan2688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

Chances are they will rise and close the gap on the Spanish clubs after this season.

Mainly because their revenue will take another big jump regardless of Champions League money.

United's two combined shirt deals were about £50m before this season, next season the Chevrolet and Adidas deal combine to earn them about £120m a season. Just from their shirts.....vastly more than even Madrid and Barca's deals.

United still a huge money spinner for prospective commercial partners..

asmith23062687d ago

@Vulcan, you're back! Moyes leaves and you return, what a coincidence! I agree, but they better get CL football again this season. If they don't get into the CL, they won't attract top players and if that happens the deals will start to dry up.