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Monaco tell Real Madrid: We want €90m for James Rodriguez

The Colombia international was one of the stars of the World Cup and is attracting interest from La Liga, while Manchester United could also join the race to sign him

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Stringerbell3128d ago

I remember when Monaco signed him along with Joao Moutinho for a combined value of €70million. Many thought it was a split 50/50 for both on the contrary 45 of the 70 was for James- they knew how good he would end up becoming...

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MajorLazer3126d ago

Wow! A decent showing in the World Cup and he's being overhyped like crazy..

The_Devil_Hunter3126d ago

I have been watching this guy since he was at Porto with Falcao. He's always been great.

MajorLazer3126d ago

I'm not saying he's not great. I'm saying 90 Million Euros is utterly ridiculous

badz1493126d ago

I think it's just the way they say "fuck off!" I think even they know he's not worth THAT much. it's just the same case with Spurs and Bale but Madrid went all out anyway! Madrid almost always get what they want with their money power!

unbad3125d ago

That's a boat load of money for an untested kid. But he has a massive upside.

Avery3125d ago

This guys been great past few years, don't you play Football Manager!?

asmith23063124d ago

Haha, I remember the days when I used to play that game. I used to know every player around the world inside out. For the most part, FM was usually accurate in their judgement of a players potential!